Moni MG Ltd.Moni MG Ltd.

Mass production and precision mechanical processing of die cutting parts.

The well-experienced team working in the Die Cutting and Mechanical Processing Unit is specialized in the following mechanical operations: punching, bending, drilling, threading, and spot-welding.


Our high level of efficiency and precision in die cutting and mechanical processing is due to a heavy-duty automated machine park. The equipment consists of:

  • - Abcant Bending Machine DURMA
  • - Automatic Threading Machine
  • - Guillotine
  • - Hydraulic Press MULLER; clamping power 63-160t
  • - Eccentric Press BRUDERER; clamping power 40-160t
  • - High-Speed Press BRUDERER; clamping power 40-160t
  • - Spot-welding Machine
  • - 3D CNC Wire-bending Machine WAFIOS BM30-2010; wire size Ø2 -Ø6 mm

The mass production in the Die Cutting and Mechanical Processing Unit collateralizes on supplies of premium quality ferrous and nonferrous metals by renowned European producers such as Thyssen Krup, Raicomes and Gabaro.

Process optimization and regular equipment service are the underlying principles of MONI MG Ltd. that ensure continuous production process, high productivity and low cost of the parts, cut and processed in the department.